What is your Exchange and Return Policy?

Headlines Hairpieces provides a maximum guarantee period of twelve months (12) from the date of purchase on the provision that the hairpiece has been maintained properly according to the instructions i.e. no excessive use of irons and constant change of color from light to dark and vice versa.

If you are a person loves to change color, a good suggestion would be to own two hairpieces i.e. one for summer and one for winter. The use of styling products is fine but must be washed out the next day in order to maintain hair in optimum condition.

Any alteration to the texture, length and thickness of hair will NOT fall under our 12 month warranty period. A receipt with date of purchase of sale will be required in case of refund.

If the hairpiece has been worn, there will be no refund or exchange as there are health regulations to adhere to. Headlines Hairpieces thanks you for your understanding.

We take pride in our hair pieces and want our users to enjoy and look their best and to get great value for their hair piece.