Can I wash my hairpieces?

Absolutely. Remember to only wash them when needed.This will prolong their lifespan. Here are some easy to follow instructions:

a) Hold the hairpiece in an upright position. Apply shampoo. Do not rub. Just use soft movements to ensure shampoo is evenly distributed. Rinse thoroughly. Apply conditioner, then rinse.
b) Comb through with the hair flat on a table using a large toothcomb. Start at the end then work your way up through to the top.
c) Blow dry the hair on medium heat to take out all the moisture. Make sure your hairdryer is not held too close to the hair. When the hair is almost dry with very little moisture left, use irons to straighten it out. DO NOT USE IRONS everyday, as it will dry out the hair.
d) Styling products can be used i.e. hairspray, gel but they must be washed out immediately the next day.
e) The shampoo recommended must not have protein in it as it dries the hair out, no cheap shampoo as they have too much alcohol in it. Just read the instructions on the bottle. The hair must have moisture -ask your hairdresser for advice if needed.