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Hairpiece used in before and after is our Dark Brown Volumiser, 40cm in length
Britt Bloomer wearing Volumiser and 30cm add ons

This one goes out to all the thin-haired girls of the world. We have the answer for you and it’s with our #1 selling product, the  volumiser hairpiece.

If you have naturally thin hair and are wanting to add some fullness, this if what you need to have in your reach. Say goodbye to thin hair and hello to voluminous locks.

Product Features
3 snap lock clips
Designed to add natural fullness to hair
100% human hair

Product Tips
Simply take you hair and part it from each ear and section it off in a clear part across your head. Open all snap lock clips and clip them in above the section line. Voila, your volumiser is in!
-We recommend you select our thinner clips below before checkout so the hairpiece looks more discreet.


Black, Brown, Light Brown, Caramel, Blonde, Brown w. Caramel Highlights, Brown w. Blonde Highlights, Caramel w. Brown Higlights, Caramel w. Blonde Highlights, Blonde w. Caramel Highlights, Blonde w. Brown Highlights


30cm, 40cm, 50cm


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