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New   its designed for the girl that cant grow her hair it gives you fullness that you never had and still looking very natural looking .

2)About the hairpiece the seams are very fine and sewn on so the hairpiece is almost seamless sits flat on the head small clips are used so its very comfortable on your head .

Because its flat on the head you can create all the styles you desire also can be worn into a ponytail so will give you a natural looking ponytail

3)The hair piece  is 11 inches in width so it goes around the head and gives you fullness at the sides of your hair just clip in and go –

Can also be made up in one  length 30cm 40cm 50cm ——–Or layered 30-40 cm 40-50 cm length

Product Tips
– Simply take you hair and part it from each ear and section it off in a clear part across your head. Open all of our unique snap lock clips and clip them in above the section line. Voila, instant volume without seeing any placement of the hairpiece
-Treat your hairpiece as if the hair were your own; wash it and comb with a wide-tooth comb then leave to dry naturally. Your colour will not fade and you’ll have hassle-free hair.


Black, Chocolate Brown, Light Brown, Caramel, Blonde, Dark Brown w. Caramel Highlights, Dark Brown w. Blonde Highlights, Dark Brown w. Blonde Highlights, Caramel w. Brown Highlights, Blonde w. Caramel


30cm, 40cm, 50cm


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