At Headlines we aim to provide hair that will blend in seamlessly to give a total natural look. This is why we focus on the way the hairpiece sits on the head and our lengths rather than the weight. We have designed 30cm,40cm, 50cm hairpieces. Please contact us (link) direct if you have any further questions.

Think of your new hairpiece like it is your own hair when it comes to styling your hair with heat. Yes, you can, but take care when using.  You can blow-dry, wave and curl. We highly recommend using a heat protective spray prior to styling at all times.

Yes, you can! Here is a simple trick to get a natural curl result…
Place hair in an upright position. Curl the ends with your fingers. Using the natural wave, place hair in a net, pull tight or leave the net loose for a softer curl. Dry naturally in the sun or blow dry. Ensure all moisture is out. When completely dry, shake hair out, style as needed and enjoy a natural curl look. For information regarding hot tools, see the next FAQ!

This depends on your hair type and length. If you are unsure, please call us on (03) 9584 9153 If you are having difficulty, just email or phone us and we will be glad to help. Rest assured, we will find you the perfect hairpiece

It is very simple to store your hairpiece. Please keep the hair in the bag provided to allow your hair to breathe.

For sure. We do recommend your professional colourist to colour your hairpieces as they understand the process involved. If not coloured correctly, you could damage the piece and excessive dyeing may lead to shortening the lifespan of your hair.

This is a bit tricky as it depends on how often you use your hairpiece and if you take care and maintain them well. Our lifespan is usually 12 months but if you wear your pieces everyday, it could be 6 months. Please be aware, if your hairpeices are not maintained well, it will result in a shorter life span .When you receive your order, we will include instructions for care and maintenance or see above for care instructions.

Absolutely. Remember to only wash them when needed.This will prolong their lifespan. Here are some easy to follow instructions:

a) Hold the hairpiece in an upright position. Apply shampoo. Do not rub. Just use soft movements to ensure shampoo is evenly distributed. Rinse thoroughly. Apply conditioner, then rinse.
b) Comb through with the hair flat on a table using a large toothcomb. Start at the end then work your way up through to the top.
c) Blow dry the hair on medium heat to take out all the moisture. Make sure your hairdryer is not held too close to the hair. When the hair is almost dry with very little moisture left, use irons to straighten it out. DO NOT USE IRONS everyday, as it will dry out the hair.
d) Styling products can be used i.e. hairspray, gel but they must be washed out immediately the next day.
e) The shampoo recommended must not have protein in it as it dries the hair out, no cheap shampoo as they have too much alcohol in it. Just read the instructions on the bottle. The hair must have moisture -ask your hairdresser for advice if needed.

For our finer hair gals, we recommend our volumiser and our seamless pieces. We also have thinner clips to make your hairpiece sit discreetly. If you would like to order thinner clips, remember to click this option in the dropdown menu on the selected product page.

It is naturally easy to clip in our hairpieces. Just follow our step-by-step guide here

Headlines Hairpieces provides a maximum guarantee period of twelve months (12) from the date of purchase on the provision that the hairpiece has been maintained properly according to the instructions i.e. no excessive use of irons and constant change of color from light to dark and vice versa.

If you are a person loves to change color, a good suggestion would be to own two hairpieces i.e. one for summer and one for winter. The use of styling products is fine but must be washed out the next day in order to maintain hair in optimum condition.

Any alteration to the texture, length and thickness of hair will NOT fall under our 12 month warranty period. A receipt with date of purchase of sale will be required in case of refund.

If the hairpiece has been worn, there will be no refund or exchange as there are health regulations to adhere to. Headlines Hairpieces thanks you for your understanding.

We take pride in our hair pieces and want our users to enjoy and look their best and to get great value for their hair piece.

To handmake your hairpiece it takes approximately 2 days. We then ship your products using Australia Post. Please see below for estimated delivery options:

  • Australia | 3-5 days
  • International | 10-15 working days (maybe longer for slow-to-ship countries)

We are based in Melbourne, Australia and stand proud that all our hairpieces are handmade. All our hairpieces are shipped from Melbourne.

For a full list of stockists, please contact us and we can advise you of the closest salon to your location. Or, for a fast turnaround and to view our extensive range, order right here on our website

  • Have you seen our colour charts? We have two available. Our Hair Extension Colour Chart includes 16 stunning shades and then we switch it up and have some fun with our Splice Curls & Designer Splice Curls Colour Charts, adding a splash of colour has never been more easy.
  • If you need some help, please contact us today and we will find your perfect match.

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